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Detach Coconut+

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Detach Coconut+

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At Detach, our goal was to evolve plain coconut water to a new category of hydration beverages called coconut+. We start with an organic coconut water base, add just the right combination of coconut nectar and honey for a low glycemic energy boost. Next we added just a touch of sodium for improved electrolyte balance. We don’t stop there, adding a proprietary blend of protein (amino acids) to the blend to give your practice a balanced boost not found anywhere else. All in a great tasting drink that is great for you!

About the product
  • All the coconut water benefits, none of the coconut water taste.
  • More electrolytes than coconut water alone.
  • Low glycemic energy boost.
  • Added protein building blocks for performance boost.
  • Organic, non-GMO sourced ingredients.