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"Wow! The light citrus flavor is refreshing! +1"

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Protein "building blocks" proven to activate your body.

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Clean ingredients: Paleo, Organic, non-GMO, Gluten Free.

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Single Bottle and Case of 12

Don't fall behind, make the most of your training and Detach from the rest.

Organic Coconut water and nectar, wildflower honey, purified sea salt, key aminos (protein building blocks) to activate your mind and body.

Great before/during any activity especially intense exercise.

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Why Detach?

Our brand is about embracing and accepting change. It is through change and a departure from the norm that your greatness can be achieved. This same belief is what influences our desire to evolve the concept of nutrition. Detach is about using real, clean ingredients to provide not just a healthy drink but one which will activate your mind and body.

Why Coconut➕?

You know the benefits of coconut water but why stop there? Go beyond hydration using organic coconut water as a base and adding purified sea salt to improve hydration. Next we add the right combination of organic coconut nectar and wildflower honey for a low glycemic energy boost. We finish up with non-GMO blend of protein building blocks (aminos) to take your workouts to the next level. Lastly, we finish it off in a great tasting product that you will love!

What Everyone is Saying

"I had a sip of Detach today before I ran...I did not want to stop running! I like it!"

– Maryann L - Olympic Triathlete

"Detach unlocks the results you've been tirelessly working for..."

– Tommy M - Competitive Cyclist

"Few things are better than a Detach Coconut+ after a long Saturday run."

– Karolin B. - Avid Runner

"At 47, I am leaving my friends 20 yrs younger short of breath! Thanks Detach for making it easier to make a fitness comeback."

– Alexi T - Master athlete

"Noticeable boost in energy and focus; perfect for groggy mornings where I need a jumpstart."

– Mike K - 1st Reg Bodybuilding and 2x 2nd Mr. Natural IL

The Detach Story

“It all started with a conversation with my wife Ellen after one of her back to back yoga sessions. She was looking for an all natural drink to help her stay hydrated, focused and that supports her training. There wasn’t anything out there. Coconut water was close but in its basic form misses some important components and not to mention to most is not great tasting. So I got to it. I tried to leverage all my experience being a competitive athlete in a variety of sports for over 20 years. After going through countless iterations for more than 3 years the formula turned out quite right. Ellen liked it and it was time to share Ellie-Ade with everyone who is looking for more than just basic coconut water. “

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